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APS Live: Experimental Biology Featured Topics – Tori Stone, PhD presents

APS Live: EB Featured Topics – Autonomic Reflex Regulation in Disease States: Molecular Mechanisms to Clinical Trials. With the Experimental Biology meeting cancelled this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a number of abstracts were chosen for special webinars by their societies and put into a series of live webinars . … Read More >

Verhagen Lab’s micro-fMRI study reveals retronasal odor response across the entire olfactory bulbs in rats.

Dr. Verhagen’s lab and Yale collaborators Fahmeed Hyder and Gordon Shepherd publish first fMRI study of whole olfactory bulb responses to retronasal odors in rats. Dr. Basav Sanganahalli lead this innovative study.… Read More >

Tori Stone, PhD awarded top dissertation of her college at the University of Alabama 2019

Tori Stone, PhD awarded top dissertation of her college at the University of Alabama 2019 Title: Cardiovascular Drift and Maximal Oxygen Uptake during Heat Stress in Women The overarching theme of this dissertation focuses on aspects of female physiology that mediate the interdependence of cardiovascular and temperature regulation.… Read More >

Odor Navigation in Mice, Robots and Models – Verhagen Lab – New Publication in eNeuro!

A comparison between mouse, in silico, and robot odor plume navigation reveals advantages of mouse odor-tracking A Gumaste, G Coronas-Samano, J Hengenius, R Axman, EG Connor, KL Baker, B Ermentrout, JP Crimaldi and J.… Read More >

Dr. Stachenfeld’s lab has paper accepted in Clinical Endocrinology

Dr. Stachenfeld’s lab has paper accepted in Clinical Endocrinology demonstrating endothelial dysfunction in young transgender men. Gender affirming hormone therapy is the primary medical intervention sought by transgender people. The Stachenfeld lab has demonstrated that androgen therapy in transmen is associated with important cardiovascular changes, including mild hypertension, dyslipidemia and endothelial dysfunction.… Read More >

American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) – podcast series featuring Dr. Nina Stachenfeld

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) is kicking off Season 2 of their Environmental & Occupational Physiology podcast series with Dr. Nina Stachenfeld from the John B. Pierce Laboratory at Yale University. … Read More >

Trending in J.Appl.Physiology – Dr. Stachenfeld’s Letter To The Editor – Women leading in Environmental and Exercise Physiology: better late than never

TO THE EDITOR:  When women reach critical mass in organizational leadership positions, things change. Women are more likely to notice and challenge sexism than male leaders. Indeed, research indicates that when an organization consists of greater than 30–35% women in leadership roles, they are able to change organizational culture.… Read More >

PLOS Biology (Sept.2019) “A Lateral View of the Sense of Smell” – Verhagen, Baker,

A Lateral View of the Sense of Smell – September 2019 issue of PLOS | Biology The mammalian olfactory bulb plays an essential role in odor processing during the perception of smell, but most studies have focused on the dorsal olfactory bulb, which contains only a quarter of all glomeruli.… Read More >