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PLOS Biology (Sept.2019) “A Lateral View of the Sense of Smell” – Verhagen, Baker,

A Lateral View of the Sense of Smell – September 2019 issue of PLOS | Biology The mammalian olfactory bulb plays an essential role in odor processing during the perception of smell, but most studies have focused on the dorsal olfactory bulb, which contains only a quarter of all glomeruli.… Read More >

Sen. Blumenthal, Yale researchers highlight dangerous chemicals in Juul, e-cigarettes

NEW HAVEN — Sen. Richard Blumenthal joined Dr. Barry Green and fellow Yale researchers in highlighting hazardous chemicals in vaping products that are believed to be causing respiratory problems across the country.… Read More >

NEW DISCOVERY! New publication on the Schooling Behavior of Flashlight Fish

Flashlight fish are a stunning family of predominantly deep-sea fish that are named for a pair of relatively large bioluminescent organs that lie beneath their eyes. The fish themselves are not directly bioluminescent, but their sub-ocular organs are full of light-producing bacteria that the fish can expose or hide using a lid or pouch.… Read More >

Just Published! – Dr. Pieribone reveals secrets of Bright Green Biofluorescence in Sharks

GLOWING SHARKS! – How Do They Do It? Dr. Pieribone worked alongside researchers from Yale’s Crawford Lab, Harvard’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, and adjunct faculty member, Dr. David Gruber, of Baruch College at #CUNY, to discover the molecular biology underlying the fascinating biofluorescent skin of #catsharks.… Read More >

Dr. Stachenfeld provides expert insight into the effects of total sleep deprivation in older adults: An episode of the AJP’s Heart and Circulatory Podcast Series.

“‘Does 24 hours of total sleep deprivation affect older women and older men differently?’ Associate Editor Nisha Charkoudian (U.S. Army Research Institute for Environmental Medicine) interviews lead author Jason Carter (Michigan Technological University) and expert Nina Stachenfeld (Yale University School of Medicine) about the innovative study by Carter and co-authors, who found a sympatho-excitatory response to the sleep deprivation protocol in older women, but not in older men.… Read More >

Dr. Nina Stachenfeld featured in The Journal of Physiology’s “Physiology Shorts” miniseries

Dr. Stachenfeld’s recent publication in the June 1 edition of the Journal of Physiology, titled “Androgens drive microvascular endothelial dysfunction in women with polycystic ovary syndrome: role of the endothelin B receptor” was selected as an editor’s pick, and she was asked to give a brief overview of her team’s findings as part of the Journal’s “Physiology Shorts” series on YouTube.… Read More >

Dr. Nina Stachenfeld named American Physiological Society Fellow!

Congratulations to Dr. Nina Stachenfeld for being named a fellow of the American Physiological Society! APS fellowship is reserved for leaders in their fields who have demonstrated excellence in the physiological sciences. … Read More >

Dr. Pieribone and OceanX team up with GMA to explore a beautiful Atlantic coral reef!

“I want them to think about the grandeur and beauty of the ocean, and how important it is to human life.”  Dr. Pieribone and OceanX team up with GMA to explore a beautiful Atlantic coral reef!… Read More >