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Recent Paper by Dr. Stachenfeld selected for AJP’s APSselect publication

Nina Stachenfeld, PhD

Dr. Stachenfeld’s recently published paper:  “Testosterone-associated blood pressure dysregulation in women with androgen excess polycystic ovary syndrome” in American Journal of Physiology, Heart, Circulatory Physiology has been selected for APSselect  (,  a monthly collection from the APS that showcases some of the best recently published articles in physiological research.  Dr. Nina Stachenfeld discusses the research details below.

“Our paper addresses the sympathetic nervous system control of blood pressure in women with androgen excess polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS).  Many women with AE-PCOS have comorbidities associated with increased cardiovascular risk, including obesity and insulin resistance, and most women with AE-PCOS have mild hypertension.  Our paper demonstrated androgen is plays an important, independent role for the elevated blood pressure in PCOS.”

“Many women with androgen excess PCOS are first diagnosed when attempting to get pregnant, so this syndrome is often not discovered for a long time, even though it can develop in girls around puberty.  Further, because blood pressure elevations can be mild in young women (about 125-130/85) it often is not treated.  This level of blood pressure is defined as mild hypertension in this age group by the American Heart Association, so should be treated, especially in this high-risk group.  We are most excited that APS chose our paper to highlight, and hope this brings attention to this important yet often neglected group of patients.”