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A Whiff of Art – Dr. Verhagen shares his take on a new Dutch exhibition

TEST3Dr. Justus Verhagen shares his take on a new Dutch exhibition that will showcase artwork that evoke the sense of smell in a recent article published by Smithsonian magazine. “The sense of smell is tightly interwoven with the evolutionarily old limbic system of the brain by having dire
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YaleNews – Study finds that when smelling, oral stimuli are weaker than nasal stimuli

TEST3In a recent study, Fahmeed Hyder and a group of Yale researchers, including Justus Verhagen of The John B. Pierce Laboratory, have found that odors sensed through eating are weaker than those sensed through inhalation.… Continue Reading ?

YaleNews – Taste and its two ways to the brain

TEST3Taste and smell are “critical aspects to being human”.  So why don’t we know more about them? Research by Dr. Fahmeed Hyder, in collaboration with Justus Verhagen and Gordon Shepherd, reveals retronasal odor responses to entire olfactory bulbs.… Continue Reading ?