The John B. Pierce Laboratory

Dr. John Geibel – 3D Bioprinting opens new possibilities for medical treatments

Can you use an HP inkjet print to print a new face? A heart? A kidney? When scientists discovered that it was possible
to use commercial printers for bioprinting, and print living cells just as they can print homework assignments, the possibilities seemed endless.

“That’s nice,” says John Geibel, DSc, MD, professor emeritus of surgery at Yale University and director of the John B. Pierce Laboratory in New Haven, “but that’s not reality. A kidney has over 11 different diameters in a single tubule, and contains millions of tubules, and 19 cell types.”

Reality, according to Geibel, is using inkjet bioprinting to solve real-world medical challenges, helping people live better in the near future. Using HP inkjet technology, Geibel and a team at the Pierce Lab are investigating a way to sustainably print cells that can be transplanted into humans in vivo.  (Read full article)

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