The John B. Pierce Laboratory

Welcome Melanie Burgos, NIH diversity fellow with Nina Stachenfeld at The John B. Pierce Laboratory

TEST3Congratulations Melanie Burgos, president of Southern Connecticut State University LatinX in STEM club and newly appointed The National Institutes of Health diversity fellow with Nina Stachenfeld at the The John B.… Continue Reading ?

May 12 Issue of Cell – Dr. Nina Stachenfeld on Sex, Gender, and the Mechanisms of Disease

TEST3Dr. Nina Stachenfeld publishes commentary on Sex, Gender, and the Mechanisms of Disease in the May 12 issue of the Journal Cell. A newly published paper in the journal Cell asserts that despite the challenges in navigating the paradigm shift required to study the effects of sex and ge
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Tori Stone, PhD, receives the “EEP Postdoctoral Research Recognition Award” at the 2021 Experimental Biology Conference.

TEST3Congratulations to Dr. Tori Stone! Dr. Stone was recently announced the recipient of this prestigious award by the American Physiological Society for outstanding research as a woman in STEM. She will be recognized in an awards ceremony at the 2021 Virtual Experimental Biology Conferen
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Poster Presentations from Stachenfeld Laboratory at Experimental Biology 2021 Virtual meeting; April 27-30, 2021

TEST3From Dr. Stachenfeld’s Laboratory, Tori Stone, Mari Chiles and Zeenat Hussain will be presenting posters at Experimental Biology 2021 Virtual meeting.  Dr. Stone is presenting her work demonstrating testosterone impairs autonomic function in women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)
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The Pierce Laboratory screens the movie: ‘Picture a Scientist’

TEST3Dec 4, 2020 — The Pierce Laboratory Screens ‘Picture A Scientist’ Picture A Scientist is a 93-minute film that was an official selection of the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival. The film focuses on challenges women face in science and how they have successfully overcome th
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Men and Women are Physiologically Unequal: An Equal Research Emphasis

TEST3An interview leading off a special edition: Yale Scientific Magazine‘s Women’s Issue.  Dr. Nina Stachenfeld’s interview addresses the importance of including women, and females in general in research. “Physiologists who do these kinds of studies control for [fickle f
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