The John B. Pierce Laboratory

Dr. Nina Stachenfeld is featured in an exhibit of portraits of distinguished women faculty at YSM

TEST3The portrait exhibit, located on the second floor of Sterling Hall of Medicine, is presented by the Yale School of Medicine Committee on Art in Public Spaces (CAPS). This is the first rotating exhibit, officially opened on March 13, 2019.… Continue Reading ?

Sex differences in endothelial function important to vascular health and overall cardiovascular disease risk across the lifespan

TEST3Dr. Nina Stachenfeld’s paper describing sex differences in cardiovascular function and risk across the lifespan was just released in the December 2018 issue of The American Journal of Physiology.  Congratulations to Dr.… Continue Reading ?

In live brain function, researchers are finally seeing red

TEST3For years, green has been the most reliable hue for live brain imaging, but after using a new high-throughput screening method, researchers at The John B. Pierce Laboratory and the Yale School of Medicine, together with collaborators at Stanford University, have identified a new fluor
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Precision “Glove-Controlled” deep-sea soft gripper

TEST3Vincent Pieribone, PhD, and other researchers at the John B. Pierce Laboratory in collaboration with the Wyss Institute, Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS), Baruch College, and the University of Rhode Island (URI) have developed a delicate and dexterous
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Including women in research. It’s necessary, and really not so hard to do.

TEST3“Including women in research. It’s necessary, and really not so hard to do.” A viewpoint article by Dr. Nina Stachenfeld in this month’s issue of Experimental Physiology. Click here to read article… Continue Reading ?

Dr. Nina Stachenfeld interviewed on NPR Morning Edition (Listen now…)

TEST3Dr. Nina Stachenfeld recently conducted a study which measured the cognitive impact of mild dehydration.  NPR correspondent, Allison Aubrey, interviewed Dr. Stachenfeld for the recently aired Your Health segment which discusses how mild dehydration, which affects all of us at some poi
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Dr. Nina Stachenfeld named a Distinguished Woman at Yale School of Medicine (YSM) and opened the day for 100 Years of Women Symposium

TEST3On June 1, 2018 Yale School of Medicine hosted a symposium commemorating the 100-year anniversary of women at Yale School of Medicine. Sponsored by the Committee on the Status of Women in Medicine (SWIM), the Minority Organization for Retention & Expansion (MORE), and the Dean’s O
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John B. Pierce Laboratory members show off their cool science at the 2017 Society for Neuroscience meeting in Washington, D.C.

TEST3Three labs of the John B. Pierce Laboratory (Pieribone, Stachenfeld, Verhagen) went to D.C. to show and discuss their ongoing work among some of the ~30,000 (!) neuroscientists there.  Of course after the posters and symposia there’s always a lot of catching up to do with other collea
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Dr. Pieribone awarded multi-million-dollar DARPA contract to explore ways to create systems where the brain transforms digital images into the equivalent of eyesight

TEST3Published in YALE NEWS on November 14, 2017 Written by Sonya Collins A research team led by Vincent Pieribone (left) is exploring ways to create systems where the brain transforms digital images into the equivalent of eyesight.… Continue Reading ?