The John B. Pierce Laboratory

Diversity Committee

The John B. Pierce Diversity Committee
Angelique Barraza
Elizabeth Garcia
Nina Stachenfeld (Chair)
Justus Verhagen

Diversity enriches life.  We learn from those whose experiences, beliefs, and perspectives are different from our own.  As such, Diversity promotes personal growth, challenges stereotyped preconceptions, encourages critical thinking and improves communication with people of varied backgrounds.  All of these lessons are taught best in a richly diverse intellectual and social environment; one that reflects the rich and diverse country and world in which we live.

The Pierce Diversity Committee is charged with advising the Director on issues related to achieving cultural diversity within the Pierce Laboratory.  Areas of purview include but are not limited to: 1) recruitment and retention of underrepresented minority faculty and staff; 2) building a supportive environment in which diversity can thrive and which promotes mutual understanding and tolerance as a condition of academic freedom.

The Pierce Diversity Committee would like to hear from faculty and staff about what we are doing well and how we might improve in our efforts to promote diversity at the Pierce laboratory.  Please send any comments to

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Special Events

January 25, 2018 —  Darin Latimore MD, Deputy Dean for Diversity and Inclusion and Chief Diversity Officer at the Yale School of Medicine presented a seminar to all staff on Unconscious Bias.  His interactive and engaging talk helped us understand unconscious bias, and how the unconscious mind can impact outcomes, gender and race/ethnicity bias, and offered strategies to mitigate our own bias.

Mark your calendars:

June 1, 2018 — a symposium commemorating the 100-year anniversary of women at Yale School of Medicine (YSM).

Activities will celebrate the contributions that Yale women have made to the school and to the world, beginning with the admission of the first women in 1916 and continuing to today, when half of our medical students are women and women are among the most accomplished of our faculty members. It will also be an opportunity for reflection and conversation about issues affecting all women, including those from underrepresented minorities.

Talks will include a keynote address by Juanita L. Merchant, MD, PhD, H. Marvin Pollard Professor of Gastrointestinal Sciences at the University of Michigan Medical School; a session on the history of women at YSM with keynote speaker Mary Lake Polan, MD ’75, PhD ’70, MPH; and sessions on current issues that affect women in academic medicine that will also feature YSM faculty members.

All members of the YSM, University, hospital, and alumni communities are invited. Stay tuned for future information about this event and how you can become involved in the activities.